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Treatment Can Improve Outcomes

It’s true, once neuropathy has developed, few types can be fully cured, however, treatments can improve outcomes. Furthermore, eliminating the underlying cause can prevent future nerve damage.

One of the most promising non-invasive, drug-free treatments involves chiropractic care. Did you know approximately 60% of patients who suffer from diabetes also develop peripheral neuropathy? In addition to pain and numbness, the condition can include a variety of other symptoms such as prickling and throbbing or a freezing sensation.

Identifying underlying causes are key to the prevention of further damage. Too many treatment programs merely cover up the symptoms and ignore the real problem. Meaningful treatment requires a ‘whole body’ approach to care. This means addressing underlying triggers for pain.

Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for reducing the severity of nerve damage, as well as help in the overall management of the disease. There are many holistic techniques you can apply. Just like neuropathy affects people differently, so do treatments!

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We’re offering a two-week email series dedicated to neuropathy! We’ll discuss causes, treatment options, and drug-free symptom management in addition to the common types of neuropathy and related illnesses.

Our nerves can be grouped into different groups, depending on which form of neuropathy you have, different nerve functions will be affected.

Motor Nerves
Motions such as walking, throwing a ball, and picking up a pencil are all controlled by motor function and related nerve systems. These nerves specifically send messages from the brain to the muscles so you can control your movements.

Sensory Nerves
A cold sensation or something sharp to the touch activates your sensory nerves to send messages from a body part to the brain.

Autonomic Nerves
The involuntary and semi-voluntary functions including blood pressure, heart rate, bladder functions, and sweating are controlled by the autonomic nervous system.

Neuropathy can impact any nerve system and causes symptoms specific to the nerve type being affected.

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Our goal is to educate recipients about the condition of neuropathy and share natural methods focused on alleviating pain symptoms. While we know there is no single solution that will work for everyone or every type of neuropathy, learning different options is especially beneficial.

From managing nutrient intake to trying out alternative therapies, there are options available for everyone and every type of neuropathy! Did you know certain nutrient deficiencies are linked to more intense symptoms? Simple supplementation may be the only solution you need!

Undiagnosed food allergies may also be a hidden culprit. For neuropathy linked to other diseases, there are steps you can take for reducing symptoms. For example, anyone suffering from diabetes may have an increased risk of neuropathy. Managing blood sugar levels can help prevent or delay symptoms.

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