Tending to the Anxious Mind Email Series

An Anxious Mind Is A Strong One

Anxious thoughts seem to come out of nowhere, arrive suddenly, and cause a great deal of unease while they stick around. If you’re someone who battles anxiety on any level, you know how disruptive it can be. If you’re open to discovering new coping mechanisms, I have just the resource for you!

What I’ve learned through experience thus far is that an anxious mind is a powerful mind, and it can outrun and outwit rational logic any day of the week. As you probably know, anxiety comes from a notion called ‘fight-or-flight’ an instinctive and automatic set of signals that the human body put into practice as we continued to evolve.

Anxiety’s purpose is to keep us AWAY from danger and out of harm’s way. However, more people than ever before are combating anxiety, panic disorder, and other forms of mental unease, which is why I created an email series to help give you the tools you need to feel a little more confident the next time anxious thoughts pop up and interrupt your day.

Meet Kristi Lea, facilitator of this email series

Kristi Lea is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Natural Health Practitioner who specializes in Nutrigenomics and Integrative and Functional Medicine. Her passion is getting to the root of the problem and assisting the body in rebuilding itself so It can better protect you from all viruses, bacteria, autoimmune conditions, dysfunction and disease as well as restore you to optimal health. The human body was brilliantly designed by God to heal itself given the right tools (Nutrition) at the right time. By listening closely to the body, we can find out exactly what it needs so it can heal itself and stay healthy. There is NO BETTER PPE than having a strong immune system within you!! And YOU have complete control over the strength of your immune system in the thousands of decisions you make daily with what to eat, drink, and basic lifestyle choices.

Created by:

Kristi Lea

Stop Your Racing Thoughts and Move Forward!

It’s a normal part of life to feel occasional worry and anxiety, a little bit here and there helps us stay on track. For example, anxiety around public speaking motivates us to prepare and practice. Driving in traffic can make us anxious but also helps keep us alert and cautious.

Anxiety exists on a spectrum and is part of the human experience, but when anxious thoughts become persistent, seemingly uncontrollable, and overwhelming, it’s time to start taking some measures to cope with it.

Changing the mindset to handle anxious thoughts in a healthy way involved small repeated steps practiced regularly. While there’s no overnight fix or magic pill to stop the anxiety from creeping up, there are tricks and methods that you can put into practice to help relieve the thoughts racing through your mind.

You deserve to live free of toxic anxiety - let me help you uncover the tools to get you there!

I Can’t Wait to Get Started!