Optimize Sleep for Better Health

Is A Lack of Sleep Disrupting Your Life?

Imagine waking up fully rested, ready to tackle any challenge, and embrace all the pleasures of the world with gratitude. Doesn’t that sound great?

We all know what a good night’s sleep feels like, but how often do we get it?

In this hectic, hyper-stimulated, nerve-wracking world, it is challenging to create a sleep routine that our bodies and brains need to function optimally. That’s why we’re launching a special Optimize Sleep for Better Health Email Series!

When you sign up for this resource, you’ll be provided with research and insight about the effect that sleep has on our health, tips, and support about how to get good quality sleep, and information about some of our favorite products from Biotics Research sleep protocol line!

Meet Kristi Lea Holistic Health LLC, The Host of The Optimize Sleep for Better Health Email Series

Kristi Lea is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Natural Health Practitioner who specializes in Nutrigenomics and Integrative and Functional Medicine. Her passion is getting to the root of the problem and assisting the body in rebuilding itself so It can better protect you from all viruses, bacteria, autoimmune conditions, dysfunction and disease as well as restore you to optimal health. The human body was brilliantly designed by God to heal itself given the right tools (Nutrition) at the right time. By listening closely to the body, we can find out exactly what it needs so it can heal itself and stay healthy. There is NO BETTER PPE than having a strong immune system within you!! And YOU have complete control over the strength of your immune system in the thousands of decisions you make daily with what to eat, drink, and basic lifestyle choices.

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Kristi Lea

Sleep Is a Hot Topic

Any health news junkie can see that the importance of sleep has come to center stage. More and more, we see the valuable connection between the necessary amount of quality sleep and our health.

The function of sleep remains a lively topic because we are beginning to understand sleep helps with the replenishment of brain energy stores, detoxification, restoration of function, and brain connectivity/plasticity.

We now can officially say, sleep matters. Once considered a passive time of powering down and turning off, science is revealing to us that yes, our conscious minds power down, but we are far from passive during sleep hours. On the contrary, we now understand that sleep is incredibly complex.

If you’re ready to learn more about how your body operates and how you can support your sleep health to reach a place of more optimal wellbeing, don’t miss out on this email series!

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