Vacation in Sight, Health in Mind Email Series

Be Healthy Wherever You Are

Everyone needs a vacation, but travel typically means a change in routine, and this can be bad news for those healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to develop.

Whether you’re planning a family trip, exotic adventure, or a staycation, you’ll need a plan to keep your health goals on track while you’re away!

While it’s okay to ease up a little on strict routines, being away from home shouldn’t mean going off the rails and forgoing your healthy habits altogether.

A healthy-minded vacation doesn’t have to be boring or dictated by strict habits. Taking a little time to plan appropriately can go a long way when trying to remain healthy while traveling. That’s why I've assembled an educational email series loaded with tips and ideas to help you plan and enjoy your trip with health in mind.

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Meet the Facilitator Kristi Lea

Kristi Lea is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Natural Health Practitioner who specializes in Nutrigenomics and Integrative and Functional Medicine. Her passion is getting to the root of the problem and assisting the body in rebuilding itself so It can better protect you from all viruses, bacteria, autoimmune conditions, dysfunction and disease as well as restore you to optimal health. The human body was brilliantly designed by God to heal itself given the right tools (Nutrition) at the right time. By listening closely to the body, we can find out exactly what it needs so it can heal itself and stay healthy. There is NO BETTER PPE than having a strong immune system within you!! And YOU have complete control over the strength of your immune system in the thousands of decisions you make daily with what to eat, drink, and basic lifestyle choices.

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Kristi Lea

Keep Your Health Goals On Track

Vacation doesn’t mean you have to abandon your efforts altogether, nor does it mean you can’t enjoy your time away.

During my upcoming email series, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about preparing for and enjoying a health-minded vacation. From healthy restaurant options to packing nutrient-rich snacks to staying physically active and keeping stress in check, I’ll share expert tips on staying healthy when away from home.

Vacation is all about getting out of your daily routine, experiencing new things, and spending time with loved ones. So it can be tricky to strike a balance between that mindset and the piece of you that knows that you can’t let all your hard work go entirely to waste!

My goal for this email series is to expand your thinking and provide you with health-minded travel tips and vacation ideas. I know how difficult it is to create a healthy routine and how easy it is for bad habits to keep you from achieving your health goals.

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